Thursday, August 04, 2005

Think Twice, Potter

It is quite clear now, the world stands divided in two. No, the divisions are not that of wizards and muggles but one which loves Harry Potter and the other which doesn't care less about the bespectacled orphan who is pitched against his deadliest enemy, all alone (gasp). Well, I confess... I fall into the first category; my Potter mania is such that it has earned me the epithet 'Harry-Potter-dasa' which I am rather proud of (I hear some sneers here). It was the first time in my life that I ordered for any book, that too two months before its release, this May.

I suppose that gives you a fair idea of my obsession with the boy wizard. Now, something on a serious note, I came across a few sentences in the latest Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, that makes you think twice. And here they are,

'People find it far easier to forgive others for being wrong than being right.'
- Excess of Phlegm. pg. 95

'Greatness inspires envy, envy engenders spite, spite spawns lies.'
- Lord Voldemort's Request. pg. 415

'Have you any idea how much tyrants fear people they oppress? All of them realise that, one day, amongst their many victims, there is sure to be one who rises against them and strikes back!'
- Horcruxes. pg. 477

'It is the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more.'
- The Cave. pg. 529


Leon said...

Strangely enough, I could never generate the enthusiasm to read the Potter series..

But the sentences that you mentioned did make me think.. especially the first one.. :-)

Shradha said...

Hi, I am harry potter fan too...the first quote makes a lot of sense, I remember pondering over it while reading the book.

Was blog surfing when I reached here...Nice blog!

Raghu said...

@ Leon: I had told a fellow blogger that I will post something different about Harry Potter that even non-harry-potterians will find interesting. I am glad that you have endorsed my claim, thanks Leon.

@ shraddha: You are a Harry Potter fan too, that's great. Let me know when you first came across this modern phenomenon and how did you find the latest book. Bye.

Neetu said...

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