Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mysore to Srirangapatna in style

Since a couple of years I used to dread going to Srirangapatna. Invariably the travel was by road and the mere thought of it sent shivers down my spine. The widening and four-laning of the Mysore - Bangalore road was progressing at a snail's pace and all the ancient trees that flanked the picturesque road were sacrificed at the altar of progress. The road was dug up everywhere.

The Mysore - Bangalore Highway cuts through vast tracts of farm lands and lot of natural and manmade water bodies flow across it, at regular intervals, to quench these fields. So numerous small bridges have been built including a couple of huge bridges across river Cauvery. Redoing the entire road meant re-building these bridges too. So there were lot of traffic bottle necks at the bridges that were under construction.

Inspite of the dug up road, torned down bridges, the bottle necks, uprooted trees, huge potholes, littered boulders, maddening traffic, choking fuel fumes, etc., many a daredevils zipped through the pathetic thing that once used to be a shady, cool road, with least concern to themselves and their fellow road users.

But yesterday noon when I drove from Mysore to Srirangapatna, I felt like whistling all the way.

Yes, there are no more trees that once flanked a narrow road, but there is this beautiful four-lane road which has a central divider planted with bougainvillae, hibiscus, and other flowering plants. One need not stress himself thinking about the trucks and KSRTC buses hurtling towards from the opposite direction. The road is smooth and stylish (except at the couple of places where the major bridges across Cauvery are under construction). Feels good to drive. I agree that it is no match to the Delhi-Noida expressway that I got a chance to blaze through sitting at the back of the car a couple of years ago, but the new road certainly provides a faster connectivity to road users between Mysore and Bangalore.

Watch out Bangalore! Mysore has come closer to you...


claytonia vices said...

Cool! Whenever I come to mysore i make it a point to visit srirangapatna! :-)

I simply love that place, it is so untouched and pure and most of all peaceful...

Raghu said...

Yes, I completely agree that it is very peaceful. That day I had been to Srirangapatna to attend the inaugural function of a painting camp which was organised on the banks of Cauvery.

The place was beautiful, serene and close to nature. I wished I could go there often.

Rubic_Cube said...

Mysore is a favorite city of mine for travelling. 1) It is so close to Bangalore. 2) It is such a thrill to drive on the Mysore Bangalore highway. 3) Srirangapatna always has that extra bit for me whenever I criss cross this stretch.

Let me share one of my favorite spots. After Mandya, if you drive towards Srirangapatna, you will drive over what seems like a hill and then the road will suddenly dip down. At the top of this stretch, take a look at the view, right in front of you. Heavenly!

Raghu said...

Well, since my drive to Chennai and back last week in a taxi, my perrception about the Mysore-Bangalore road has changed. My gosh, what a marvellous road there is between Hosur and Chennai! Just tempting to drive - four lanes, smooth, no junctions (the road continues on a flyover everytime it encounters a town/village/city), no hurdles of any sort except you need to stop occassionally at toll booths. I need to write a new post on it.

Regarding the vista you're talking about, I am totally lost, can't remember such a place. Will keep my eyes pealed next time on that stretch.