Saturday, August 11, 2007

Initiation Into Adulthood

Hey, hold on people! This post is not about me losing my (ahem... clearing my throat loudly as if to make a dramatic announcement) virginity.

For me, adulthood means freedom of choice, being adult means being free to take decisions without any compulsions. I know, I am sounding pompous and many would not agree with me. Anyhow, let me proceed with the incident which, I consider, opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me.

Rewind to 1994. I am in Yuvaraja's College, attending classes of first year of graduation. I am this gawky guy, wearing huge specs covering almost top half of my face (my dad's explanation, 'affords wide range of vision'), a moustache (dad again, 'do not shave it off'), loose baggy shirts (no prize for guessing - dad, 'you can wear them for a longer time,' but by the time they started to fit me they lost colour or were worn out) - a highly unglamourous creature in the prime of his teens. I can easily have got the highest G.R.R. (Glance Repulsion Ratio) in my class. To top it all, I am introvert and do not have anyone for a friend.

Dad: Rey! Don't scratch your crotch.
Me to myself: What the hell! Some one please tell him it's itching; I can't control it.

By now you may've got the clear picture that dad's was the last word in any and all matters.

Enter this awkward guy, Avinash from the exotic Mauritius, shabbily dressed in branded clothes. He is in the same class as me and no friends too. My spoken English is bad, I befriend him so that it gets better.

A month into our friendship, he says he's going for a movie, would I want to join him? I am excited but fall silent, as suddenly, foreseeing my dad vetoing the plan. I meekly confide about my dad's temperament and no way I wanna get in the eye of a storm. Avinash volunteers to ask dad's permission on my behalf. On approaching my dad he said, as a matter of fact, that he wants me to join him for a movie and lo behold! Dad said okay.

Theatre: Sterling
Movie: Speed
Cast: Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock and Dennis Hopper.

I had been to movies many times earlier but never had it felt so liberating. I enjoyed each and every frame of it. The sound, action, stunts and thrilling narrative filled me in and out. Then it dawned on me.

"If I have done or intend to do no wrong, there's no need to be scared of dad."

This realisation brought forth by the episode, instilled confidence in me and I took to skies. The next moment, I was an adult.


Blue Panther said...

Nice post!

Chrisann said...

PLease may I borrow glace replusion ratio

Rubic_Cube said...

All I can say is it is deja vu for me. The big spectacles, flatly combed hair, bizzare patterns on large shirts etc. GRR is a very creative invention. My first movie with friends was also something like a liberation, which I enjoyed thoroughly. But the realisation that you mention is something that I always had. My realisation, that metamorphosed me into adulthood, was the understanding of the human psyche and how I could easily study it without much effort. After that, I have changed a lot as a person.

Raghu said...

@ blue panther: Hi Blue, thanks for dropping by.

@ chrisann: Fell free to use G.R.R.

@ rubic_cube: You are in big league bro, human psyche! Huh... way to go.

Raghu said...

GRR!very funny and inventive! and the realisation is something that is really REALISING! one does realise things like freedom through such delicate and normal things as going to a first movie with a best friend... the best post!