Monday, December 31, 2007

A Gift On New Year's Eve

Gyani and I were driving down from Bengaluru to Mysuru this evening. At Channapatna we decided to check on the person who is working on new dolls. 4-5 months ago I had designed a set of dolls for the first time and had given them to him to convert the 2-dimensional design into 3-dimensional dolls.

Channapatna is known for the craft of lathe turned wooden lacquerware. Dolls and toys that are crafted here are cute and liked for its simplistic design and minimal decoration. Wood is turned on either manual or motorised lathe, and the colour is also applied simultaneously; only extra details like facial features are hand painted. Hence the overall look of the doll/toy is rounded and curved.

While giving the designs I was unsure whether that guy will really work on them, hence I was reluctant today to go in. Anyway I waded through the messy place to a room where he took out some pieces from a carton box. Initially they looked like some unwanted pieces of dolls thrown into waste bin, but I went speechless as I took a closer look. There they were, the dolls that I had designed in full form. Whoever had worked on the dolls had done so diligently and whole heartedly, for he had recreated the design exactly.

Hmm... I am now a designer, officially. Thanks Gyani, for introducing me to my potential. This is my new year's gift.

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Sandy Carlson said...

Raghu! I hope you will post photos of these creations! I am fascinated by dolls and all that you say and write about them and their place in your culture.

It is the new year on your side of the world. I wish you peace and prosperity and ever blessing in 2008. Thank you for blessing my life with your wonderful blog and kind words.