Friday, December 26, 2008


Yesterday I attended the first birthday celebration of Anagha, grand daughter of G.L.N. Simha at the Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Nanjangud. There, I saw this beautiful lady with a serene look on her face.


Ashok Uchangi said...

Dear Raghu

I like this photo.It is simply beautiful.Your blog also.
ashok uchangi

Chaitanya said...

Hi Raghu,
I've tried to answer your questions about Lord Sri Rama. You can find my explanation (or rather the explanation given by Sage Ved Vyas in his "Adhyatma Ramayana") in the comments section of your article "sri rama - best among men".


H.S. Dharmendra said...

[Ashok Uchangi] Dear Ashok, thanks for your kind words. Keep coming back here.

[Chaitanya] Thanks for your comments. I went through your comments on my post on Sri Rama. I read similar explanation in 'The Book of Ram' written by Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik. Still I have not got my answer. I will write about it in detail in a day or two. Thanks once again for your kind words wherein you have tried to help me with my doubts.

Vrishali said...


I saw your comment on my blog. True...there are only two of us on Bloggers profiles who have mentioned that book as a favorite. I was quite amused by that comment and then explored which of my tastes I share with whom!

Just skimmed through your blog. Liked posts pensive and favorite food list (by the way, your post is pensive i.e. thoughtful and my blog name is pensieve which is the fictional basin to store memories from Harry Potter series). I guess, even you read those...I saw the post of HP quotes on your blog.

Deepika Lad said...

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