Monday, March 01, 2021

Search Futile

Are you in my heart

or in my mind?

A happy little reverie

that's playing on rewind.

Where are you

pray reveal, be kind...

There's nothing on outside

Let me dive in and find.

Precious much is lost

in the daily grind.

Few slivers of your smile

is all that's left behind.

Unrequited Love

 She loved me,

    I didn't.

I love you,

    you don't.

You love him,

    he doesn't.

On and on and on

    grows the shackle

of broken hearts

    forged by

shattered dreams.

Your Eyes

Your eyes

kindred the darkest recess

of my mind...

Something awoke 

that was dead and gone...

Something stirred,

sputtered, crackled!

After eons of cold solitude

I jumped alive.