Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spiritual Moment with a Mango

I had a strange experience while consuming a mango last year (or maybe a year before that). It was evening, I felt mild pangs of hunger and I remembered nice luscious mangoes bought by Gyani. I took one out, washed and peeled it with a knife as Gyani does. The golden yellow fruit with its intoxicating aroma was so inviting that I couldn't wait to cut it (ironically, it had taken a longer time to peel) and sunk my teeth into its sweet flesh.

The moment its divine juice flooded my tongue was like an orgasm. I must have eaten hundreds or thousands of mangoes but never quite like the one which was exploding bliss in my mouth. I felt blessed by the god of taste. Suddenly I felt guilty for savouring the heavenly fruit all alone without sharing with anybody.

I did the next best thing. I closed my eyes, with each bite I remembered everyone of my family and friends one by one with a silent prayer - the sweetness I am experiencing, let it sweeten the minds and spirits of everyone. I remembered dad, mom, my siblings, their families, my friends, their families and their families.

At the end of that beautiful experience exhilaration filled my being.


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